Dynamic Corporation offers the following accelerated procurement options which allow both government and commercial clients to procure our services quickly and easily.

GSA Services - Schedules

Basic Ordering Agreement(BOA)/
Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)
Dynamic Corporation currently has Blanket Purchase Order and Basic Ordering Agreements with institutions
and can quickly and easily set up agreements with new customers.

8(a) Certification
Dynamic Corporation is currently certified
in the 8(a) program. Under this grogram, government agencies and prime contractors can easily and quickly procure services through 8(a) sole source or 8(a) competitive contracts.  [SIC Codes:8711, 8712,8713, 8741, 8742, 8744, 1799, 7379, 7389, 1542, 1611, 1629].

The following FAR changes even makes 8(a) procurement faster:

Agencies do not need Small Business Administration for Contract Approval.

Issue Purchase Orders- Indefinite Quantity Contracts [Task Order Projects].

Issue contracts 8(a) Firms without SIC Code restrictions.

Unrestricted teaming arrangement between 8(a) and not 8(a) Firms.

MBE/DBE Participation

Dynamic Corporation is a certified DBE or MBE in the following jurisdictions:

U. S. SBA 8(a), Maryland, City of Baltimore, District of Columbia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Connecticut.

Credit Cards Purchasing
Our Credit card acceptance policy make it quicker for government agencies and other customers to procure our services.

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